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Tô Hoài’S Selected Stories For Children: A Mouse’S Wedding - Ấn Bản Kỉ Niệm 100 Năm Tô Hoài

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Tô Hoài'S Selected Stories For Children: A Mouse'S Wedding - Ấn Bản Kỉ Niệm 100 Năm Tô Hoài

Ấn bản tiếng Anh "Truyện đồng thoại Tô Hoài" minh họa của họa sĩ Vũ Xuân Hoàn lần đầu ra mắt độc giả nhân dịp kỉ niệm 100 năm ngày sinh nhà văn Tô Hoài.

Being called as 'the author ofall ages', tô hoài displayed a talent for vividly portraying the world around him with dry yet tactful humour during his successful writing career.
His nearly 200 published works have stood the test of time, and have always been regarded as much-loved friends by children (and whoever used to be a child).

The extraordinary 'gold mine of words' written by Tô Hoài – one of the best children's authors in Vietnam – makes this collection of five charming short stories a delight for anyone lucky enough to read them.

'A talking chair, a bull calf asking to be a friend, might be predictable and natural things to young readers. But, even for grown-ups, in general, when the writer is capable of conveying both their message and spirit, a tottering chair, a mumbling cat or a talking moon can ignite their thinking and deepen their reflections as well.' – Tô Hoài

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Tô Hoài
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NXB Kim Đồng
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NXB Kim Đồng
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18 x 25 cm
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