Eyewitness to World War II: Unforgettable Stories and Photographs From History's Greatest Conflict

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The unforgettable story of World War II is told through the words of those who lived it—America's greatest generation—both on the battlefield and the home front. Personal writings create a dramatic tapestry of wartime experience, and recollections of Roosevelt, Hitler, and Patton, as well as letters composed by soldiers at battle and diaries of women serving in the military at home, present an absorbing narrative that tells the entire history of the war from several perspectives. Hundreds of images capture fateful moments of triumph and defeat that defined the era, including rare photographs and artifacts, many never-before-seen from private collections that are placed in context with more famous photographs from the period. More than 20 authoritative National Geographic maps detail military movements and decisive battles in the European and Pacific theaters of war. These incredible, first-person stories, amazing moments of heroism, compelling imagery, and illuminating maps bring the entire history of World War II to life in vivid detail.

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As time passes and fewer members of the Greatest Generation are around to tell their stories, first-person accounts of the events surrounding WWII have become increasingly popular. In this third volume of the Eyewitness series, following installments on the Civil War and WWI, an exhaustive look at the Second World War is presented in the form of letters, memoirs, diaries, and official reports. Various perspectives are offered, from low-ranking soldiers to top generals, from Allied to Axis, from civilians on the home front to those caught in the war's path. The book opens with "A World Gone Mad," a detailed look at the causes of the war that places the reader back in time with large period photographs accompanied by brief explanations of world events that contributed to the outbreak of the conflict. This section begins with a haunting photograph of Adolph Hitler looking into the camera amid swastika banners as he ascends to a podium to speak to a crowd of tens of thousands. The rest of the work is divided into six chapters, beginning with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, continuing through the fighting in the European and Pacific theaters, and ultimately ending with victory. Chapters include a section called "Through the Lens"—essentially a photographic essay on topics like the air war, naval warfare, and the Holocaust. There are numerous rare and powerful photographs throughout the volume, such as the one of a woman forced to give the Nazi salute with one arm while crying into her handkerchief with the other. Even the illustrations can be stunning, such as the painting of a Nazi soldier planting skulls in the earth. The visual power of these period photographs is striking and perhaps is the greatest strength of this resource. Recommended for most libraries, where it may do well as a circulating resource. --Michael Tosko

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